WOW! Embossing Powders. WOW and WOW

WOW! Embossing Powders do make me say WOW over and over again!

Psst… Look what’s coming 👀 Fantastic, shiny and high quality embossing powders by @wowembossing! You will find them in my card kits as well as in my shop. First huge box of them I leave for myself .


Oh WOW!!! I have been so so busy making @wowembossing powder swatches. It took me almost a day. Here is what I have done with my collection of WOW embossing powders and glitters.


Don’t forget to visit my store  for great selection of WOW embossing powders. If you after something more extraordinary please visit WOW embossing powder store online in UK or USA. Links are below:

Live Life with a Touch of Craft and make something WOW! everyday!


Hugs from Ola xx

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